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Over the past 2 years we at California Visa Consultants have processed over 100 successful applications in the Nonimmigration US Visa Category.


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Types US Visas

. .   Type of Visa     Purpose of Travel / Issued to   A Diplomat or foreign Government Official / White Passport Holders A2 Foreign Military Personnel Stationed in the United States B1 Business / Entrepreneur Visitor B2 Tourist Visitor B3 Medical Visitor C Transiting...

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6 facts about US Visas

  The latest speculation about the US immigration and Visa Policy owing to President Trumps Executive Order have raised quite a stir across the world. Like any situation there is always a flip side to the story, owning to our presence and expertise in the Industry we...

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US Visa Consultants in UAE

  Any resident who has a Emirates id can apply for a American Visa. CVC can provide consultation in the process of obtaining a visa to visit the United States of American for citizens of United Arab Emirates or other nationalities residing in UAE, holding a valid...

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